Outplacement & Outsourcing


Competitive business world that we live in compels firms to effectively channel their limited resources to the areas that can add value the most. Firms need the competitive edge to rise above others more than ever.

Regular Outsourced Services

Firms focus on value adding and differentiating tasks while outsourcing the manual repetitive tasks to professionals outside their firms.

Payroll services are a must for any company and require certain expertise on social security regulations, which is not sector specific. Thus, it is one of the easiest services to receive from outside the company, without employing a full-time person (or even more than one person depending on the size and workload of the company). Within the realm of Human Resources, we provide you full scale outsourced payroll services.

We collaborate with your human resources and accounting departments and provide you the monthly payroll slips, regular legal submissions and accounting posting calculations.

Interim Management

Each company seeks out the best possible employee to gather in its ranks. It is crucial to define the exact needs of the company and the expectations from such role. In some situations, these can be vague and require time for clarification, which prolongs the kick-off for the search and selection process. There are also other situations where companies need certain talents for a limited period of time to assist them get through a crisis, successfully implement a transformation project or substitute a limited period of absence (maternity leave, medical leave, etc.).

Thanks to our executive search and selection business, we possess an extensive database of professionals who also wish to work as interim managers. Whenever you require support in terms of interim management, we rapidly search through our database and provide the best suitable professionals to assist you. We are thrilled to provide you top-notch and impactful interim managers to navigate you through challenging times.

In line with your business’ targets and priorities, we provide with the best possible interim management solutions to develop strategies, to set SMART objectives and to work side by side with your people during the implementation phase.


As Ageo International, we understand how frustrating a job hunt or career change could be for employees who involuntarily found themselves in such situations. By utilizing our vast experience in search & selection and assessment & development centers, we aim to equip these individuals affected by redundancy with all the desired competencies so that they can confidently navigate in today’s job market and smoothly transition into new roles quickly and effectively while addressing the needs of the organizations.

Our services include coaching sessions to better understand the strengths and desires of each individual and revitalize their personal brands, CV and cover letter assistances, mock interviews within different environments (face-to-face and online), advises for job search and tips for harnessing social media for their job hunt. In some cases, we even apply for jobs in their names. If the individual is unable to find a suitable job in a short-term, we also help them be deputed on short or long-term projects till they find a permanent job.

Increasing number of companies embrace the responsibility of supporting their employees during such difficult times while protecting their employer brands and effectively managing the change. What is equally important if not more is to ensure the job satisfaction of remaining employees. Layoffs cause a lot of anxiety among survivors who wonder whether they are next or not. Knowing their colleagues receive help finding new jobs does a lot to calm those fears as well as creating loyalty.

We strongly advise our clients to enroll in our outplacement services before exiting the employees, when they are at their most marketable position. They are far better prepared to hit the ground running when their employment ends and more likely to remain willing ambassadors of their previous employer’s brand, endorsing their company online and among their peers, or at least standing neutral. While many scenarios do not allow for this, there is always room for high-touch handling of offboarding in these sensitive situations.-

Throughout these services, the individuals are not charged under any circumstances.

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