Coaching & Leadership Development

We live in a complex and ever-changing world and the only way to be successful in it is to learn to adapt to its demands. While human nature tends to seek consistency and habit, we must understand how to get out of our habitual patterns and respond to fast-changing reality.

Ultimately, our goal is to help our clients improve performance in whatever they do—to adapt and act with greater effectiveness. Most of the obstacles that impede effective actions have their roots in our own minds. Due to habitual, non-conscious patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior, we tend to avoid change. Learning to take control of our internal narratives and rewriting them in a more authentic way allows us to take effective and focused action.

All of our programs involve three steps—Awareness, Authenticity, and Action. We utilize these steps as a foundation for understanding the environment that surrounds us and for creating change. This process is based on the useful insights from cognitive and evolutionary psychology, time-tested leadership & management practices and personality studies.

We are an associate of Awareness to Action International, a global consulting group that focuses on mastering the human side of leadership. “The Awareness to Action Enneagram”, which is one of the most powerful tools available for understanding habitual patterns of personality, constitutes the basis of our programs.

Executive Coaching

Creating leaders with life-long skills for growth and adaptability

Coaching depends on the mutual interaction between the coach and the coachie and aims to help individual leaders remove their self-imposed obstacles to growth and prepare for greater responsibility.

Career Coaching and Advisory

Creating the path to success

Our career development services aim to;

  • identify high potential individuals and provide them required support to depict their leadership qualities and reach their potentials
  • assist low-performing but high potential professionals to get back on track and create them an environment to add value to business.

Team Coaching and Building Effective Teams

Creating teams that work together to craft the future

Our approach creates an awareness about team dynamics and professionals’ individual impacts on organizational effectiveness. A combination of team and individual coaching creates an aligned culture and disciplined execution. This program leads individuals to achieving valuable results as a harmonized team.

Leadership Development

Creating well-rounded leaders with emotional intelligence

Effective leadership is one of the most crucial factors of success in today’s business environment. We offer diverse programs to develop professionals with leadership skills.

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