Assesment & Development Center

Knowing that our clients need to recognize and develop their future leaders, we implement assessment and development centers to guide them in effectively evaluating employees’ and/or candidates’ managerial and leadership abilities.

An assessment center consists of a standardized evaluation of behaviors based on multiple evaluations including job-related simulations, interviews, psychometric and various reasoning and comprehension tests. It is a detailed evaluation of an individual’s suitability to a role by assessing him or her on various competencies. Organizations utilize this methodology to assess their workforce for various reasons, ranging from recruitment and internal training to promotion and succession planning.

Development and assessment centers are often confused as being the same since they use the same techniques to evaluate employees. A development center assesses the potential of current professionals, identifies their strengths & development needs and provides a well-documented individual development plan, whereas, an assessment center mainly aims to evaluate potential talents in various competencies.

We present tailor-made assessment & development centers and online testing platforms that are specifically designed for your organization’ needs. These tools can either be used for assessing & developing executives or for mass recruitments projects.

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